Hi, I'm Anthony Cargile.

I create cool things.


I've innovated for everything from startups to Fortune 50 companies.



  • Native iOS Apps
  • Home Automation hardware and software
  • Network engineering
  • Web applications



  • Datacenter automation tools
  • Exploratory design
  • Distributed applications
  • Datacenter network administration


  • Business intelligence
  • Management software
  • Exploratory design
  • Legacy software integration
  • Cocoa Applications


I also own, founded or otherwise direct these companies:

Port City Holdings Group

  • Chairman
  • Private equity holdings
  • Bitcoin investments
  • Asset Management

Embark Industries

Embark Industries

  • Co-founder
  • 3D Printer Manufacturing
  • Patents pending
  • Contribute designs and code

Palmetto Power

  • Founder
  • Grid-tied power systems
  • Patented SMPS topology
  • Grid-friendly and green

About Me

Native Charlestonian, skilled musician, frequent traveler.

Aside from work, I am an avid cook and fitness enthusiast. My hobbies range from Tesla coils to hobbyist research and continued learning...which occasionally turns into something exciting.

You can find me in downtown Charleston enjoying hookah with friends, or at a Barnes and Noble pouring over some large and dry text (this is fun to me). Law, tax, and engineering books are notable favorites. Seriously.


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